Paul Balmer Painting

Painting for Auction
Painting for Auction

Paul Balmer was born in South Africa, where he lived until he moved to Australia at the age of 17. He studied Fine Art at the Drawing School in Sydney and then moved into Graphic Design at the Sydney Institute of Technology. After spending several years working in illustration and advertising in Africa, Australia, and America, Paul’s passion for art took him to Europe. During trips to England, France, and Italy, what started as a journey into traditional, academic painting gave way to works of the imagination. Realism was replaced by representational abstracts. Five years ago, Paul moved to New York City, where he has found a home. Although his subject matter is New York cityscapes, the colors, shape, and primitiveness of his work is markedly influenced by his roots in South Africa and Australia. Paul has had both international and national exhibitions; countries include America, England, Australia, South Africa, South Korea and the Netherlands.


2014 Exhibitions7fe969180large
Campton Gallery / New York December 13 – 30
Art Miami / Caldwell Snyder Gallery December 2 – 7
Pan Amsterdam / Etienne Gallery November 3
Silicon Valley Art Fair / Caldwell Snyder October
Etienne Gallery / Netherlands September Group
Caldwell Snyder Gallery / Napa Valley September
Art South Hampton / Caldwell Snyder Gallery July 24
Arden Gallery / June 7 Breda Art Fair / Etienne Gallery Netherlands



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